LF215 - ABS TRAINING - featuring Ema vs Selene

35 Minutes of payback belly punching one side beatdown with boxing gloves, bare knuckles and fingers.

Selene was quite impressed that Ema was able to take as much punishment as she did in the previous video. Selene hit Ema so hard and so often with her fists, and yet Ema was able to crawl away from it.. but she didn't whine like a little bitch.. something that disappointed Selene to some degree. A few days later, Ema challenged Selene that she wouldn't be able to put up with the same kind of punishment, no matter how rock hard Selene's abs were with all the fitness training Selene does. Never one to back down from any challenge, Selene agreed to a real, no nonsense belly beating from Ema. What Selene didn't appreciate is that Ema, still sore for her own beatdown, has a more sadistic nature and has Selene agreeing to the "Human Punching Bag" scenario.. and all the punches, with and without boxing gloves on, will be for real, no pulled punches, no fake punches.. all real punches, just like Ema had no choice but to agree to in the previous video. But with her arms bound above her head like this, Selene fails to realize how much harder it is to brace against each punch and each kick to the belly, and the long haired beauty soon finds herself in trouble at Ema's attacks. She has to survive the full 30 minutes as agreed upon, no backing down or calling it quits. How long will the sultry brunette survive Ema's vicious and sadistic pay-back tactics?

The new girls have to be very careful as to what they agree to around here, especially when it comes to wily opponents like Ema. In the previous video, Ema took one HELL of a vicious beating from Selene, and now Selene wants to prove herself just as capable of taking a real belly punching beatdown, as she too works hard on her abs and feels she can withstand anything Ema can dish out. But she hadn't anticipated that Ema isn't about fair play. Selene actually agreed to do one of the members requested video scenes called "Human Punching Bag".. She's hoisted up by the wrists and agreed to allow Ema to use her as a punching bag, hitting as hard and as often as Ema can, being that confident in her belly's strength and ability to stand up to any amount of punishment. But when Ema starts hammering against Selene's cruelly exposed belly does Selene finally realize why Ema requested this scene for this real belly punching session. With your arms tied up above your head like this, you can't brace for the incoming punches as easily as if your arms were down and this causes Selene to suffer each punch even worse than what Ema had to in the previous video. Being the trash talker that she is, Ema has a field day humiliating her opponent with taunts and insults as she drives one heavy boxing gloved fist after another into Selene vulnerable belly, chopping in high and digging in low. Snapping a few kicks to Selene's belly catches the brunette by surprise and before she can catch her breath, she's caught with a vicious punch to the guts.


Ema drops down to her knees to get more upward angle in her punches into Selene's belly, driving her innards up against her diaphragm, causing Selene to gasp in pain and trying to catch her breath, but Ema is relentless in her punches and elbows to her victim's belly. Catching Selene below the belly button sends shock waves through her body, almost dropping her to her knees, but the ropes that bind her keep the long haired brunette dangling. Gasping for air, Selene won't give Ema the satisfaction of crying out in pain but the relentless hammering Ema inflicts cause some yelps of pain to slip Selene's lips.

At this point, Ema explains to Selene that one of the mistakes Selene made in the previous video is that she tried to punch Ema's hard abs for the entire video with her bare hands, and her wrists and arms got tired, thereby making some of her punches less effective than what Selene would have thought.. mind you, Ema's belly was battered at that time, numb from pain. Ema throws her gloves away and now hammers away at Selene's belly with raw fury with her bare fists, digging her knuckles deep into Selene's already reddened belly, leaving fist prints into the poor girls abused belly. Hanging by the wrists, Selene can't even posture to any amount to protect herself or deflect any of Ema's well aimed vicious punches. Tormenting Selene, Ema pays particular attention to that nice soft tender spot below the belly button, tapping away at it before drilling her fists hard and deep into Selene's breadbasket, causing the poor girl to yelp in pain..


Not wanting her victim to pass out on the ropes and bringing this video to an early end, Ema brings Selene down off the ropes and lays her down on the mats where she can get some proper belly punching done. Drilling her fists deep into Selene's belly, Ema can sense the long haired beauty's strength quickly slipping away. Selene tries to roll away from Ema's attacks but the short haired heel drags Selene back in and drills her over and over again into the belly, sore, red and beaten. Ema drags Selene across the mats by the hair and nails her over and over again. Selene knows she can't back out of this agreement and has to suffer what ever Ema fires her way. Foot stomps, heel grinds and knees to the belly are but a sample of what Ema has for poor Selene. The long haired beauty honestly thought she would have been able to withstand this attack as well as Ema did in the previous video but she is sorely mistaken. Ema gleefully hammers down on Selene's brutalized belly, enjoying herself every step of the way.

Knowing she's got Selene right she wants her, Ema resorts to more torturous methods of pain by grabbing Selene's weakened ab muscles with the "claw" hold, digging her fingers deep into Selene's belly, sending searing pain into the poor girl's belly muscles, almost paralyzing her breathing. But it's when Ema digs in deep with a finger into the belly button that Selene really feels the pain.. and Ema digs in deep.. (ugh) Selene can't stand the pain and tries to feebly roll away but Ema isn't close to being finished yet.. Grinding her knees into Selene's belly, Ema gets her victim ready for a round across her knee and attacks Selene's cruelly exposed and vulnerable belly with elbow grinding and more stabbing fingers deep into the stretched out abs and belly button.. Poor Selene, dazed and confused and unable to catch her breath is unceremoniously dumped to the mats where Ema is able to perform her last humiliating belly punishment act.

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Brutalized, beaten and dazed, Selene completely regrets her decision to agree to do this video with Ema calling the shots. She allowed her pride and ego to forget that Ema is a devious sadistic bitch who loves nothing more than to brutalize and humiliate her victims.. and Selene gave Ema just that opportunity with this agreement. Lessons learned the hard way.

Belly punching fans are going to love the real punches in this video. No pulled punches and no dubbed in sound effect. Ema is out to hurt Selene who foolishly agreed to do this video and soon regretted. Something tells me this won't be the end of this story between these two hell cats! They enjoy testing each other too much to let this go away quietly..

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