LF313 - GET OFF OF ME - featuring Casey vs Penney

31 Minutes of back and forth catfighting action featuring Test of strength, hair pulling, scissoring, pins and the occassional cheap shot.

Compiled from video clips of the old Members Video Section, some of these clips may not have been seen before.

    Rough and tough sisters Penney and Casey don't get along much lately and today is no exception as these two fierce fighters lock up and go to war in a back and forth match, pitting their strengths and skills in trying to make the other submit. Locking hands for a grueling 10 minute test of strength contest, the hell cats never let go as they try to take advantage over the other as they roll and tumble, locking in crushing scissors and pins until one finally has to submit. In the second segment, it's basically all about the hair as they lunge at each other with so much hate and anger to one another. Big hand fulls of hair gets the other screaming pain as they both fight through the pain of having their hair pulled out by the roots and crushed in brutal scissors. Again, one of these hell cats will have to submit. And finally, the last segment sees these two vicious ladies tear into each other again and pull out all the stops as they try to pin or scissor the other, pulling hair as they go. It's a classic battle of size over skills to determine the winner and a clear winner is declared by the end of this vicious and grueling match. But fear not, these two adversaries aren't done with each other YET!

Mostly a non-scripted semi-competitive match between two tough ladies.