LF312 - RAGE - featuring Lily vs Pheonix

30 Minutes of competitive action featuring hair pulling, scissors, breast mauling, cheap shots, belly punching, test of strength and camel clutch.

Fan favourite Lily goes head on against beautiful redhead Pheonix in this 3 video clip compilation from the past Members Video section.

    Tough girl Lily, known for dominating her smaller jobber opponents, faces off against rough and tough Pheonix. The thick haired red head is eager to put Lily in her place as these two hell cats lock up and rage war on each other with vicious hair pulls, dragging each other down to the mat. Experience level shows in this match up as these two ladies tear into each other. But also telling is the pain tolerance level as each crushing body scissor, each back wrenching camel clutch, each breast maul starts to wear down on the fighters. Soliciting tap outs from each other, these brutal fighters might give a round but they won't give up the battle as they rage on. The first two video clip segments feature a full on back and forth catfight / competitive wrestling match between these two rough and tough fighters where one will have no choice but to tap out as her opponent locks her arms around the loser's neck.. In the final segment, Lily gets a lot of pay back against Pheonix as she's got her red haired opponent weakened and now goes to town on her with vicious belly destruction beatdown that leaves poor Pheonix gasping for breath and sobbing in battered defeat.

30 minutes of great action between these two tough competitors!



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