LF308 - BAD HAIR DAYS - featuring Gypsy, Ema, Taylor, Maia, Trish and Pixie

41 Minutes of intense fight actions with a heavy emphasis on hair pulling, featuring back breakers, cheap shots, belly punches, face sitting and scissoring.

Fan favourite fighters from the past come together in this 4 video clip compilation video where all hell breaks loose and the hair goes flying while they battle it out in separate matches. If the hair is handy, it's going to be used as against their opponent while trying to dominate them for the win all the while torturing their victim with various brutal holds such as the camel clutch, back breakers, breast mauling, cheap shots, scissoring and much more. 40 minutes of vicious non stop action that will appeal to everyone, but especially to the hair pulling fans!

In the first segment it's Masked Ema up against the beautiful and thick haired red head Gypsy. Seeing Gypsy brushing out her hair for the fans, Ema decides she can help out her rival by brushing her hair.. But hell breaks out as Ema takes advantage of poor Gypsy and goes after the red head's luscious mane of hair. Trying to fight off Ema, Gypsy is no match for Ema's aggression and sadistic hair treatment. Poor Gypsy is made to submit or lose all her hair.

In the second segment, it's Masked Ema again but she's facing off against a much tougher opponent, Taylor! These two ladies battle it out for all the marbles, tossing all the rules out the window (we have rules?) as they rip into each other with various painful holds. Brutal back and forth action between these two hellcats result in one of them having to submit to the victor.

In the third segment, it's sexy Maia vs Trish is a hair pulling contest as these two thick haired fighting felines go at each other's hair with such strength as to leave scalps stinging. Trying to use the other's body weight as leverage in the hair pulling, they opt for big back stretches and various other angles trying to make the other submit. Eventually, the brutal hair treatment is too much for one of them as she submits to the gal with the strongest hair and the higher pain endurance level.

Finally, in the fourth and final segment, we find hellcat Pixie facing off against tough gal Taylor in this all out battle for supremacy on the mats. These two ladies don't hold back as they lunge into each other, trying to make the other submit. Pixie, being the more experienced fighter has her hands full with Taylor who simply won't quit as she fights to beatdown her slightly smaller opponent. After exchanging various holds and blows in this back and forth raging battle, there can be only one who walks away victorious while leaving the other in a hurting ball of mess.

41 minutes of all out back and forth action with various holds that will appeal to many fans but especially to the hair pulling fans since the hair is not spared in these matches!



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