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June 2024 News:
Gumroad has finally decided to remove Ladyfist/FemfightBound and other fetish fighting content we had up there. They will continue to honor previous purchases though, so if you bought Ladyfist content on there, you won't lost access to your downloads/streams.

In the meantime, we're in discussion with a new alternate download host.

March 2024 News:
Our alternate downloads host "Gumroad" has decieded it will cease hosting adult and fetish content, effective March 16th 2024. While our store appears to still be up, it's unknown if it will be affected or not.

July 2023 News:
It's with a heavy heart that I must announce the original creator and owner of Ladyfist has passed away. He was a pioneer in the industry, and a good friend who has helped me very much. I will very much miss our chats and friendship!
-- Felicia

2022 News:
- NOV 2022 UPDATE - NEW fights are being added! We hope long time Ladyfist fans will enjoy this new roster of female fighters. More fantasy catfights are on the way.

- 2022 update - We are moving away from CCBill/Verotel as processors and are switching to Clips4sale for quick and easy payments, downloads and support. Videos that are not able to be posted on C4S due to content rules will be available via Gumroad. We appreciate your patience as we transition and attempt to navigate this new and increasingly censored world.


Do You Offer Custom Videos?
We no longer offer custom videos. All talent we've shot with from 2015 and prior have retired (with the known exception of Hollywood).
New content is contracted via MutinyWrestling and also BaeFight, and we encourage you to contact their studios for your custom video requests. Tell them Ladyfist sent ya!

Some Videos Are Missing, Where Did They Go?
In 2020, there was a major upheaval in the "porn" industry (which fetish fighting is considered a part of). This created mountains of new limitations of what producers are allowed to sell. Wrestling knockouts being a big one that was affected. Because of this, not all videos are capable of being posted to Clips4sale (our current preferred platform). They are being added to an alternative platform known as Gumroad as time allows.

Long time Ladyfist fans will note however, that this culling of the content long pre-dates 2020. Previous processors CCBill and Verotel also imposed strict and changing limitations on what could be sold, which also resulted in older videos being removed. Sadly, many of those videos have been lost and are no longer available.


Download Support
** If you purchased from Clips4sale -

** If you purchased from Gumroad -

** If you purchased a video from Clips4sale and it's no longer available due to compliance changes (the primary reason they are clearing off old videos now), contact me with your Sales Order Number in the email and I can re-upload it to Gumroad or re-send via email.

Email: - skffweb via

Please note that Ladyfist domain email is not working and emails sent to it may be lost.